Le Juve Essential cream and all celebrity endorsed skincare lines are made with silicone and alcohol! Yuck. RSS

"My life didn't please me, so I created my life." ~ Coco Chanel

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  This is Le Juve Essential - it's a TOP SELLING skin lightening product that was featured recently on Shark Tank and in highly endorsed by Oprah and Ellen Degenerous.  It is made of SILICONE!!!  Plastic!!!  Look at all of these ingredients!! It goes on and on and on!!  How on earth can this be good for your skin?? This product might make your skin look good for a few hours, but bottom line, this ingredient SILICONE is proven to trap impurities, dirt, toxins INTO YOUR SKIN!!  I can't even pronounce all of these ingredients!!!!  Please please I encourage you guys to...

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